Patient Services


Surprisingly, it is still a common belief that as we get older we would eventually loose our teeth and end up with dentures (false teeth). Whilst this was true many years ago, of our seniors are now keeping most, if not all of their teeth for life! Many will not ever wear dentures in their lifetime.

With today’s technology, it is absolutely possible to keep your teeth and gums healthy and looking good for life. The key to this is to have a good dental prevention program. This involves having: 1) good oral hygiene routines; 2) good lifestyle habits; 3) regular dental check-ups and professional scale & cleans. For most people we recommend 6 monthly visits to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Regular dental check-ups will allow us to recommend preventive treatment to suit your personal needs and lifestyle. As strange as it sounds, the best way to avoid the dentist is to visit the dentist on a regular basis.

Some preventive treatment may include:

X-Rays: to allow us to diagnose small problems before they become larger problems. Digital imaging is used here, which not only allows for more comprehensive diagnosis, but also greatly reduces the amount of radiation compared to traditional film x-rays.

Professional Scale & Clean: removes stains, maintains healthy gums and improves integrity of existing restorations

Oral hygiene & product advice: to ensure proper brushing & flossing techniques using the right products for you.

Fluoride or medication treatment: to strengthen teeth and reduce oral bacteria

Occlusal splints: for protection of teeth, dental work and jaw joints against clenching and grinding habits – especially during sleep and stressful periods.

SomnoMed MAS Appliance: a precision appliance used to prevent snoring and the treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea. It is the only oral device to have TGA & FDA approval in Australia. For more information, please visit: Somnomed

Mouthguards: custom made ensures comfort and maximum protection for all contact sports. Highly recommended.

Fissure Seals: some teeth have fissures and grooves smaller than the bristles of a toothbrush, and cannot be cleaned adequately. These are prone to decay. Fissure seals effectively plugs these to prevent decay and allow ease of cleaning.