Patient Services

Examination & Treatment Planning

With today’s modern technology dentistry is not just about fixing holes in teeth but involves maintaining good overall orofacial health. As part of our comprehensive care, not only do we address your teeth, but we also focus on the health of your gums, soft tissues, bone structures and jaw joints.

At your first appointment we will spend some time discussing your long term goals for your dental health. This is to help us establish any problems you may have, and your treatment objectives and priorities. These include: establishing & maintaining good dental health; reconstruction of the bite to replace missing teeth; restoration of worn down teeth; and cosmetic enhancements.

Surprisingly, many people with dental diseases are not aware of it and simply put up with sensitive teeth, or the occasional painful tooth. Most of the time, treatment is much simpler than you think and can provide a great relief. Remember, most dental diseases are much like heart disease – there’s often no or little pain until it becomes it becomes end-stage and a heart attack results.

A thorough clinical examination is then required so that we can determine the best treatment for you. The initial examination involves thorough assessment of your: teeth, gums, bite relationship, tongue & soft tissues, facial muscles, jaw joint function, and oral cancer screen. A set of recent x-rays is usually required to help make a thorough diagnosis.

If there are any problem areas we thoroughly explain what is happening, and also give our recommendations, in accordance to what our goals and treatment objectives are. Any alternative treatment options will also be discussed if appropriate. We are happy to provide a written, detailed treatment plan showing estimates of what is required and costs before we start.

At Dentalcare South Perth we offer a very extensive range of treatment options that are individual and tailored to you. Some examples of this treatment are listed on this website to help give a better understanding of what is available. Please note however, that this is an incomplete list and that these are very broad descriptions. A thorough examination will allow proper treatment planning for you. Ultimately, through any required treatment we hope to establish and maintain good dental health for life.