Patient Services


It is important for any dental emergencies that professional treatment is received promptly to prevent further deterioration. These may include:

  1. Trauma to the teeth, lips or face
  2. Fractured tooth or broken filling
  3. Mild, Moderate or Severe pain from a tooth or gums
  4. Swellings of gums or surrounding soft tissues
  5. Pain or discomfort from the jaws or jaw joints.
  6. Lack of movement or pain in the jaw joints.

Please call immediately for any dental emergencies. Our receptionists will answer any queries, and basic professional advice may be given. We will endeavor to schedule appointments for you as soon as possible, preferably on the day if required. If extensive treatment is required, short term action can be taken for relief of pain. Please do not delay dental emergencies. This is likely to cause further deterioration of the condition and may necessitate additional treatment.